The Mixing Bowl E-commerce Website

The Mixing Bowl




The Mixing Bowl E-commerce Website

Project Duration

8 weeks


  • Consultation
  • Web App Development
  • E-Commerce Platform
  • UI / UX Design

    Revamping the Backend of their Own Bespoke E-commerce Site

    The Mixing Bowl is a local chic baking school, with high rating from tripadvisor. It has been a go-to place for baking enthusiasts, couples interested in baking, and parents who want to have some baking fun with their children.

    They launched version one of their website with basic catalog of their classes. There is no shopping cart feature, and users have to check out and pay for classes one by one if they are interested. The team see this is becoming a hassle for customers to purchase multiple classes.

    Initially, the backend panel is also built as a prototype. It could not handle well when orders, customers, and inventories become numerous.

    Lastly, they have a new idea of creating a class series, which is composed of multiple classes. They want to be able to bundle them together and sell in a discounted price, while allowing customers to sign up for individual class.


    Finding a Reliable Solution Provider to Work on the Codebase.

    The co-founder of The Mixing Bowl come over and talk to us about their thought on improvement. After a thorough discussion and understood more about their business, we implemented the following:

    • A login-less shopping cart so users are not hesitant due to the registration process.To accomodate for having a login-less shopping cart, we redesign the database schema. writing unit test cases to ensure the quality and testing for complicated checkout cases (of using multiple coupons and discount codes).
    • The checkout flow are revamped and integrated with latest Paypal RESTful API.
    • The user interface is revamped, with a unified font usage for both the public and admin side of the webapp to deliver a better UX experience.
    • Implemented features for bundling classes together at backend panel and selling them at a discounted price.


    Better Design, Bigger Sales Order, and Happiness from the Staff

    We developed features geared toward removing frictions from customers to purchase, and facilitating staff to manage their classes, orders, and customers.

    With the above features deployed in production, sales of the baking school has been more than doubled. Customers are checking out with orders for multiple classes, and coupons. Our client also found that class bundle is the greatest way for them to cross-selling their products so far.

    Victor Lo, Co-founder of The Mixing Bowl
    Working with WTF Studio is a great experience. We asked them to revamp our website. They greatly modernized the checkout process by having a login-less shopping cart and adapting to the latest Paypal payment workflow. They also implemented a "Bundle" feature so we could sell classes in a bundle and increase order sizes tremendously. In addition, Jimmy is very thoughtful and made the admin section, where our staff manage orders and classes, a lot less cluttered and much more user-friendly.
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