RealDeals HK

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RealDeals HK

Project Duration

10 weeks


  • UI / UX Design
  • Web App Development
  • Big Data Solution

    Apartments Listing Is Old-school, and Apartment Hunting Is Still a Manual Laborous Work

    At the time we initiated this project, apartment listing site was staying at the web 1.0 era. You have a form specifying different criteria, then click on the "SEARCH" button. It returns a list of apartments in a table fitting your criteria.

    Also, instead of having an effective tool to search online, or even being able to contact the other side directly, we are still relying heavily on property agents in finding the right apartments.


    Building a Much More Users-friendly Search Tool

    We integrated Google Map and showing only the necessary property inforamtion in a user-friendly fashion on our webapp. We also interviewed with a lot of property agents to explore if they would like to partner with us on entering property information. We also explored different business models, and referring customers to these agents.


    A Sector Require Business Innovation In Addition to Technical Innovation

    We realize property agency is a segment that require more than just a web portal with elegant UIs. They also require business innovation. We worked with brokers for the product to get wider acceptance. At the end, after validating the market for about 3 - 4 months, we decided to terminate the project as the market is much more complicated, and we definitely need a lot more resources to engage, and becoming effective in this market.