PortSight Investment Analytic Platform

Own Project


PortSight Investment Analytic Platform

Project Duration

3 months


  • UI / UX Design
  • Web App Development
  • Big Data Solution

    Retail Investors Deserve a Better Investment Analytic Platform

    Retail investors made up the majority of investors in Hong Kong, and is the majority clientele for some brokerages. But in dashboards provided by these brokerages, investors could only see daily changes on their portfolio, and rarely could they see mid-to-long term (3-mo, 6-mo) portfolio changes and analytics, such as portfolio beta, volatility, etc. With cash injection and withdrawal to the portfolio, there is no easy way to calculate portfolio annualized return.

    Basically, retail investors lack the tool that are offered to private / institutitional investors, and thus making less optimal investment choice. We want to empower retail investors to have a fairer chance in this game.


    A Friendly Dashboard Showing Key Analytic of Your Portfolio

    We developed the product PortSight, a webapp allowing:

    • users to register an account and then import their portfolio position or transaction history to us.
    • users to automatically see when their positions have stock split, handed out dividend.
    • users easily see the industry and geographical owning percentage within their portfolio. We combine information from different sources to calculate these analytics.
    • users could look at the portfolio value in absolute amount or relative growth rate. Users could also benchmark their portfolio with various indices (HSI, SSE Composite Index, S&P500)
    • users could see their portfolio annualized return, volatility, sharpe ratio, beta, and alpha.


    Investment Analytic Tool For Retail Investors Leveling the Field

    The project is part of our initiative in the rise of Hong Kong Fintech industry. We showcased our idea, and got into Cyberport Creative Micro Fund in 2016. We developed the application, and got early graduation in the batch.

    We have since then developing partnership within financial institutions and brokerages for investors to use our platform.