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Cocoon Connect

Project Duration

5 weeks


  • Consultation
  • Web App Development
  • UI / UX Design

    Launching an e-Voting Platform in a Tight Timeline

    Cocoon is one of the earliest co-working spaces operating in Hong Kong. Their mission is to reignite entrepreneurial spirit in Hong Kong, and invest in potential HK startups.

    They wanted a central platform that could view all their hosting events, vote for the pitching team on their flagship events, Cocoon Pitch Night, electronically. They also want to build up a social community connecting their entrepreneurs and investors community, for better information exchange, and easier due diligence before investment. The only problem is they need the e-voting platform up and running in a month.


    We Formed a Small and Agile Development Team to Deliver the Webapp in Tight Deadline

    Our client have the vision of building this web/mobile application, and come to us for a solution. They particularly want to experiment with having an e-voting function to be used on their next pitch night event. So, our frontend and backend developers work together day and night to deliver the following solution:

    • A user-responsive, mobile-first website for users to browse their events and highlighted startups.
    • Before a pitch night event, admin could generate voting codes to be distributed to audience on that evening to be used for startups voting. Admin could then see the aggregated voting result in real-time.
    • They could start building and collecting user / startup profiles in a centralized, systematic way.


    A Streamlined Pitches Voting Process. A Promising Social Network.

    The webapp is launched within 5 weeks, from design, wireframing, programming to launching. WTF studio met the tight deadline and deliver the app to the client. They are able to use the automatic e-voting to replace manual voting and highly improve the vote counting flow.

    Cocoon now is using this app to mainly showcases events happening, and building the entrepreneurs and investors community within the webapp ecosystem. They also start having more anayltics on how their members sign up for different events.

    Erica Ma, Co-founder of CoCoon
    Working with WTF Studio is a pleasant experience. They listened to our business problem, came up with a proposal and product wireframe so we could give design feedback early, and able to deliver the product in a tight deadline. Their support service is superb as they fix most issues found within 1-2 days after we reporting.
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