Our Methodology


1. Consultation

Clients present to us the WHAT - what their problems / constraints are; what they want. Sometimes we also help them clarify the WHAT and WHY.

Then we figure out the HOW - the best planning, roadmap, and the actual implementation. We also seek to find the problem root cause and solve it.


  • Solution proposal, divided into different phases if it makes sense
  • Insights on WHAT we are building, WHY we are building it, and HOW we are achieving it
Wireframe / Mockup

2. Wireframe / Mockup

We build wireframe to allow all stakeholders to visualize the end-result before building the system, saving all parties valuable resources.


  • Interactive wireframe or high-fidelity mockup to simulate the whole user experience.

3. Implementation

We deployed engineers and designers with the relevant experience to build the solution. We setup proper project management tools with regular update to client to keep them in the loop on the development progress.


  • Project Schedule
  • Implmented solution that pass client acceptance test.

4. Launch。Monitor。Iterate

We understand Rome was not built in one day. After launching the project, we monitoring both the server health and user engagement analytic with our clients and suggest ways to improve them.


  • Project successfully launched
  • Project analytic report, and way to continuously monitoring these numbers
Handover & Knowledge Transfer

5. Handover & Knowledge Transfer

We hand over the project assets to our client, together with necessary training and documentation. We also have a maintenance period to support any anomaly.


  • All project assets
  • Project documentation & training
  • Peace of mind with the maintenance period