Problem & Solution

Remailder is a startup that see email is increasingly used for sending/assigning action items and reminders to receiver. So they have a vision of building an intelligent automatic reminder with email as the interface.

The challenge for this task involves high requirement on technical expertise, as the underlying backend software architecture as well as their features need to be implemented.

They came to WTF Studio and we chose to use Ruby on Rails for this project due to its agile nature. Integrated with various gems, we and client form an agile team that drafted up the requirement together in one week, assigned to our implementation team for another week, and then reviewed the progress on the following week. We then iterated based on their feedback, together with new set of user stories.

The development cycle of quick feedback loop and integration helped delivers this project to our client on time, with features of exactly what they want, and no surprises.

Disciplines Involved

  • Digital Strategy
  • Web & App Development
  • E-Commerce | Payment Gateway