Realdeals HK

Problem & Solution

Real estate is one of the main industries in Hong Kong. It serves as both a living necessity and major investment vehicle to HK locals. Thus there is a big demand for a website allowing users to easily navigate what apartments are available for renting/selling at certain prices.

Currently there are various real estate online directories doing that, but mostly staying at the web 1.0 phase. So we have in mind of making an improvement on the real estate listing websites. Realdeals HK is our first attempt in creating a real estate listing directory using modern technology emphasizing on great user experience. We aggregated real estate listing information from Centaline, House28, and Gohome. We spent a great effort in filtering out lots of secondary information, and showing only what is essential. It is also integrated with Google map so users could easily see how the neighborhood look like.

In this project, we:

  1. Implemented an aggregator to gather information from various listing sites.
  2. Integrated with Google Map API to display housing locations.
  3. Implemented an efficient query mechanism to filter listing based on various criteria and map coordinates.

Disciplines Involved

  • Content Strategy
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • UI & UX Design
  • Web & App Development (Ruby on Rails / MySQL / Ubuntu)


Realdeals HK