Pizza Nation

Problem & Solution

Pizza Nation is a local pizzeria in California, delivering personalized pizzas and calzones to the residents nearby. Overwhelmed by the number of phone orders every day, the pizza restaurant wanted to enhance efficiency and expand its business through online ordering. After studying their workflow and customizable menu, we built a technical solution comprising:
  1. A front-end mobile web app to display the menu and accept online order from customers; and
  2. A back-end control panel to display and approve orders received from the mobile app.
Like the offline counterpart, the online ordering menu is highly customizable. The customers can choose different sizes, toppings and dressings at their wish. The app automatically calculates the bill with tax, so the customer can pay online using their credit card without any hassle. After a customer confirms the order, the back-end control panel immediately notifies the owner by a beeping alarm and text message, so he doesn’t miss any order.

Disciplines Involved

  • Web & App Development (Meteor)
  • UI & UX Design
  • E-Commerce | Payment Gateway (Stripe)


Pizza Nation